Whether you come from a long line of gardeners and are born with your green thumb or you develop it through hard work, trial and error, and sheer perseverance, innovation will make doing what you enjoy much easier. From speeding up the composting timeline to utilizing a motorized cart, these four innovations will leave you with more time to play in the dirt. Modernize more than your gardening routine with a lift hand truck that will make getting heavy things from the garage a breeze.

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Rolling garden work scooter

An excellent way to relieve the back and knee pain that goes hand in hand with gardening, a garden work scooter will alleviate the pain associated with bending, stooping, kneeling, and crawling. Choose a model that is easily moved with large tires that offer extensive tread, so no part of your yard and garden is off limits.

Hand truck

Not a typical garden tool, a hand truck is still a valuable accessory for gardening. It will help you move heavy things easily without breaking your back. With the ability to carry hundreds of pounds at once, hand trucks can be utilized to move rocks, fencing, plywood, and heavy bags of potting soil and fertilizer. With a hand truck, you’ll get to the fun part of gardening much more quickly.

Motorized hopper cart

Perfect for mulch, gravel, refuse, and bulky loads, the Motorized Hopper Cart is the pinnacle of innovation from Magliner. Featuring 13.5 cubic feet of hauling ability, it can move 400 pounds at once. The plastic tub won’t crack or corrode, and the contents can be dumped by pushing up on the handlebars. Designed with safety in mind, this model is constructed to prevent a runaway situation and features regenerative braking to slow the load even on hills and ramps. In addition, the throttle automatically returns to zero to stop and lock the load if the operator loses contact with the machine. This cart will keep you gardening all day long.

Compost tumbler

A compost tumbler significantly decreases the turnaround time on compost. When fresh waste is added to the composter on top of old waste and rotated, the already decaying waste will aid in breaking down the fresh. In addition, rotating compost systems are a more hygienic option as you don’t come into contact with the waste, you simply have to rotate it via the handle every other day. If you live in a colder climate, choose an insulated design for a composting season that lasts into winter.

About Magline

Magline has continued to innovate and deliver value as a US-based manufacturer. They have been in business for 70 years, during which they have built a legacy of innovation, quality, and value. They are committed to creating innovative solutions driven by the needs of their customers that ensure safety when transporting materials. From brake trucks to their stair climbing dolly they’ll ensure your job gets done quickly and safely.

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