You inevitably have a lot on your to-do list to get ready for your little one, and picking out a nursery theme is likely high on that list. These four baby- and adult-friendly nursery themes will provide decorating inspiration that both you and your baby will love.

Adult- and Baby-Friendly Colors

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Research has shown that a baby’s sense of sight takes six to eight months to develop. In the first month or two, your baby will likely prefer black, white, and simple patterns, followed by brightly distinguished colors over the next few months of developmental learning.

If painting your nursery black sounds unsettling, use soft classic colors like pink, blue, or gray to help your baby along as they learn to identify distinct colors. Add brightly colored toys, blankets, or burp cloths with distinct patterns that will keep your baby engaged and transfixed.

If you have a favorite color, incorporate that into the nursery as well. A brightly colored chair or a statement lamp will help your baby discover and distinguish new colors and patterns that you also love.

Share Your Favorite Animals

Animal themes are classic nursery décor for a good reason: they’re adorable, versatile, and timeless. Look for themes that will inspire both you and your baby to get outside and enjoy your favorite pastime, whether it be hiking through the woods, working in the yard, or spending time at the lake.

Color, design, and décor are endless with this theme. Stencil in some of your favorite under-the-sea creatures, add a few stuffed farm animals, or hang some framed photos of your favorite pets.

Dreamy baby blankets with horses, giraffes, whales, or dogs will make sure your baby sleeps soundly and will introduce your little one to some of your favorite creatures. Look for blankets made with several layers of natural fabric such as muslin for a soft, plush feel that your baby will love.

Incorporate Your Astrological Sign

Nothing says “sweet dreams,” quite like a starry night sky. Adorn your nursery walls with stars or constellations that sparkle and shine all night long. You could also paint each of your family members’ zodiac constellations on the wall or ceiling or add an outline of the big dipper or a shooting star.

Before you kiss your baby goodnight or wish upon a star together, wrap them up in a soft midnight sky receiving blanket made of natural bamboo. Blankets small enough for your baby but also big enough to use as they grow are a perfect and stylish complement to your nursery theme.

Your Favorite Childhood Characters

Share your favorite characters with your new baby with seminal favorites such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, or The Jungle Book. You can incorporate these classics into your baby blankets or bibs or go all out with a themed mural.

Your baby will love looking at these fun childhood characters, and you will enjoy sharing this sweet childhood memory with your little one.

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