When dreaming of your home remodel, it can be all too easy to fantasize about every luxury imaginable. However, splurging on every item would quickly demolish your budget. Instead, focus on investments that will stand the test of time and receive the most use in your new space.


Modern See Through Fireplace

Layer warmth and ambiance into your updated space with a modern fireplace feature. A see through fireplace will connect two rooms together while creating a gorgeous focal point in each. Perfect for sipping your coffee next to on frosty winter mornings, lounging near on a lazy Sunday, or creating a conversation at your latest dinner party, a see through fireplace will enhance your home for years to come.

For the ultimate in luxury, consider a see through fireplace that connects the indoor space with the outdoor space that you can enjoy year-round.

Radiant Heat Flooring

Create a spa-like experience that you can enjoy every day by splurging on radiant heat flooring. Keeping your toes toasty can also increase the energy efficiencies in your home. According to This Old House, “in a radiant setup, the warmth is supplied by hot-water tubes or electric wires buried underneath the floor. As the invisible waves of thermal radiation rise from below, they warm up any objects they strike, which radiate that captured heat in turn.” Because the warm air rises evenly across the floor, it keeps the cooler air up near the ceiling while you stay near the source of warmth. In a well-insulated home, energy savings can reach 30% a year. This is an investment that pays for itself.

Black Casement Windows

Enhance your curb appeal and take chic to the next level with black casement windows. The latest large design trend, black casements anchor the room while taking the level of class up a notch. Black adds drama to any space, and your windows are no different—black casements create contrast in a space and will accompany an array of colors beautifully. Plus, wrapping your windows in black trick your eyes into seeing only the window—increasing the impact of your outdoor spaces.

About Acucraft Fireplaces

Since 1979, Acucraft Fireplaces has been designing and manufacturing modern, innovative fire features that create a major wow factor. They are committed to innovation, collaboration, and a continual investment in technology. Working with Acucraft Fireplaces to create the fire feature you’ve always dreamed of is simple. Acucraft’s skilled design team will assist you every step of the way. Completely customizable, their fire features are designed for your space and style. So, whether you’re in search of a traditional, modern, wood or gas burning fireplace, or an outdoor gas fire pit, Acucraft Fireplaces can make your dreams a reality.