The cruelty-free movement has been slowly taking over the beauty industry in the last decade. From skincare to makeup, cosmetic companies are starting to take animal testing seriously all over the world. The European Union banned the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals, and later the sale of animal-tested products from anywhere in the world in EU countries. While there’s currently no legal framework around protecting animals from product testing in the United States, there’s a growing movement to follow Europe’s lead and push a ban against animal cruelty.


What is the cruelty-free movement, exactly? Companies that follow cruelty-free guidelines never test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals. There are certain products that combine cruelty-free practices with vegan ingredients, ensuring that no animal products are used in the makeup formula or product. Fake eyelashes have been a growing market in the last decade and continue to become a regular makeup product in many beauty bags around the world. How does cruelty-free affect faux lashes?

The eyelash glue used as an adhesive for the fake eyelashes to the eyelid can be tested on animals for irritation and inflammation. Some glues even contain latex, which is irritating for most people and can even cause allergic reactions. Cruelty-free eyelash glue is never tested on animals during production, and latex-free formulas are safer for skin and eyes.

In Australia and other Western cultures, luxury brands like MINK MINK and the Lash Store use mink hair for full sets of false eyelashes and lash extensions. These minks are grown on farms and then shaved immediately before or after being killed for their pelts and remaining fur. This horrendous practice occurs around the world and continues to happen because consumers want realistic looking faux lashes.

However, this can be completely avoided with cruelty-free, vegan false eyelashes. These are manufactured without animal testing or animal products. And they often feature glue that also follows the same practices for cleanly made and beautiful eyelashes. Thrive Causemetics’ collection of faux lashes is completely vegan and 100% cruelty-free. Every set is paraben-free, toxin-free, and latex-free, and lasts up to 30 wears. Join the cruelty-free movement and choose faux lashes made without animal testing or products and know you’re making a difference while feeling beautiful.

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