If you’ve ever been confused about the order you should be applying your makeup, welcome to the club. Makeup application doesn’t have to be confusing or convoluted. Here’s a streamlined guide to the ultimate order of makeup application, from skincare to bronzer.


Starting with a cleansed base is crucial to clean and precise makeup application. For a basic morning skincare routine, use your favorite cleanser, followed by a face oil and toner.


Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

After you finish your cleansing skincare routine, start your makeup routine with a tinted moisturizer. Choose a BB (beauty balm) or CC (color correcting) cream as your base. These hydrating formulas are lighter than foundations, but provide pigmented coverage for blemishes, discoloration, and dark circles. Think of CC creams as the “next generation” of tinted moisturizers—they’re great for a variety of skin issues and skin types.

Be extra mindful of your skin health and choose a tinted sunscreen designed for makeup application. SPF 35 is the recommended protection against damaging UVA/UVB.

Eyeshadow + Mascara

Create an eyeshadow look that builds your confidence for work while still maintaining a professional presence. Start with a base eyeshadow and then apply a darker shade to the eyelid crease. Apply an eyeliner, liquid or pencil, and don’t forget about a lash lengthening mascara.

Eyebrow Liner

After your eyeshadow application, use a waterproof eyebrow pencil to line your brows if needed. Comb your brows with a spoolie to determine your natural brow shape. Fill in sparse areas or lengthen your eyebrow, using short strokes to mimic eyebrow hair length and texture.

Bronzer + Highlighter

Next, apply bronzer and highlighter to contour the curves of your face. Apply bronzer makeup under the apples of the cheeks, on the top of the forehead, and on both sides of the nose bridge. Use a powder highlighter to compliment the bronzer makeup, followed by a highlighter pen in the inner corners of the eyes and on the tip of the nose.

Lip Color

A touch of color can upgrade a makeup look in any season. Whether you’re crafting a timeless red lip for the holidays or using a pink lipgloss during summertime, adding lip color makes lips look fuller and softer. Pick a lipstick or lipgloss that doesn’t feather or fade throughout the day and is packed with hydrating ingredients.

Tailor this comprehensive routine to fit your own makeup style and unique needs. Don’t forget to wash all of it off at the end of the day and take the time to care for your skin. Whether you’re a travel guru on-the-move or a business boss girl with a tight schedule, you can create a personalized makeup look that builds your confidence using a handful of makeup essentials.

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