Wedding season is upon us, complete with gift registries, destination weekends, bridal showers, and more. If you’re attending one wedding or six, wanting to look your best as your friend, family member, or distant relative walks down the aisle is part of the fun. Once you find that perfect wedding guest dress, coordinating your accessories, hair, and makeup can be stressful.

Need some glamorous inspiration this summer wedding season? Here are a couple of easy makeup looks that capture your natural glow in 5 makeup products or less. From minimalist to full-out glam, get some inspiration for your next wedding event.

Boho Minimalist Sun-Kissed Radiance

Perfect for outdoor weddings by the ocean, in the mountains, or anywhere else in the great outdoors, this look is based on the no-makeup makeup trend that everyone hopes will stick around for longer than a season.

Start off with “treat yourself” skincare to get a cleansed base to build your look. Cleanse your face and use a mud-based or jelly solution mask that removes dead skin and moisturizes for natural brightness. Follow with a face oil if it’s already part of your routine, then a toner that leaves your skin feeling fresh and luminous.

After applying minimal concealer, use a fiber formulated mascara that builds with application. These mimic the look of naturally long lashes without fake eyelashes or weeks of trying to encourage growth with serums. Next, break out your secret weapon: an eye brightener. Use this pen in the corners of the eyes, on the brow bone, the tip of the nose, and the cupid’s bow. Find one with a creamy formula that dries without cracking or flaking.

Lastly, finish off this simple look with moisturizing bronzer on the cheeks and a blush matte lipstick. Less is more with bronzer, so build your application until you feel it captures a natural, streak-free glow. The blush matte lipstick is a great summer shade and goes with a range of colors, ensuring that it matches whatever palette your outfit captures. Look for moisturizing formulas that won’t need reapplication throughout the wedding ceremony or reception for low-maintenance convenience.

Brilliant Vintage Glamor

While you definitely don’t want to step anywhere near the spotlight on someone else’s wedding day, this timeless look is fantastic for family members and close friends of the wedding couple who know they’ll take lots of photos throughout the day.

Similar to the last look, do some loving self-care for your skin before starting on your makeup. Once you have a clear and moisturized base, apply foundation or concealer as you normally would.

Makeup Artist Pro-Tip: Trying new makeup trends, products, or looks the day of a big event can be stressful. If something has the potential to go wrong, such as foundation being too pale or faux eyelashes looking skewed, it will. Take the time to practice a new cosmetic technique before the big day to feel more confident about your application and the final result.

Once you have your makeup base, apply a base eyeshadow shade to your eyelid. Summer shades that work best include light browns and subtle pinks, depending on your complexion. Move next to waterproof liquid eyeliner. Depending on preference, strongly line the lid or create adventurous winged tips, too.

Depending on your level of experience, apply a fiber formulated mascara or use a pair of gorgeous faux eyelashes to step up your glamor game. Lastly, choose a matte liquid lipstick in a deep raspberry or velvety red color to finish your look. Both of these techniques require some practice, so spend some time in the weeks leading up to the wedding practicing applying liquid lipstick and trying faux eyelashes. Waterproof lash glue is always the way to go with weddings, both for its long-lasting formula and ability to withstand those inevitable happy tears.

Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or amateur cosmetic artist, get inspired by these two looks that work beautifully for any wedding you attend this summer.

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