As New York Fashion Week predicted, vibrant colors are carrying through from spring to fall in 2018. From eyeshadows to blush to lip colors, bright shades of reds, blues, and purples stood out amongst designers and brands alike. Layering is also a popular trend, particularly amongst ombre lipsticks and two-toned styles.

Are you a trendsetter who wants to try out some of these newer styles for yourself? Here are three ways you can try out fun autumn lipstick trends that work for events, cocktail dates, board meetings, and more.


Matte Liquid Lipstick

While matte liquid lipstick has been a beauty bag staple for the last few years, this fall is your opportunity to bump the intensity up a notch. Makeup trends are continually polarizing each other, and the contrast to the no-makeup look is vibrant colors and matte finishes.

Choose a lightweight formula with deeply pigmented colors, this season’s favorites include raspberry and plum mauve. If you’re really adventurous, try a two-toned look with a lighter color liquid lipstick on your top lip and a complementing but darker shade on the bottom.

Long Wearing Lip Liner

If visions of nineties models with painfully obvious lined lips in a brown color come to mind, it’s time to leave those behind and move towards the new millennial lip style. Instead of simply lining the outline of your lips, fill it in completely for a creamy and hydrating color with a lip liner. You don’t worry about feathering with a high-performance lip liner, like lipstick sometimes does. Lip liner color favorites for this autumn include pale rose shades and wine-hued stains.

If you want to try an ombre look, line your lips with a deeper color and fill in to about halfway towards the center. Then fill the rest with a slightly lighter lipstick shade. Blend using your finger or the lip liner.

Creamy Lipstick

For those wanting buildable coverage with a bit creamier texture, a matte lipstick is the way to go. Follow the fuller lip trend by starting in the center of the lips and smoothing outwards for a statement-making shape. Mauve and black cherry colors are trending right now, so grab yours before they disappear for the season!

Bonus Trend: High-Shine Lip Gloss

Need a little extra glitter and shimmer in your life? Top your matte lipstick with a layer of high-shine lip topper with rose gold shimmer. This also hydrates your lips and decreases the possibility of feathering or cracking throughout the day.

If you’re a little less open to color trends, this is a fantastic way to try out a new style without changing your routine too much. That little extra adds a gorgeous surge of shine and shimmer in a subtly chic way.

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