Caring for acne-prone skin is a responsibility that no one signs up for. Complicated and time-consuming routines are the bane of a busy woman’s schedule. Instead of trying to get around a 15-step skincare routine, focus on the essentials and establish a consistent regimen. While acne as an adult can be frustrating, there are several proven ways to care for acne-prone skin and protect it from future breakouts.

Contrary to teenage acne solutions, adult acne should be treated differently because adult skin is drier and more sensitive. Therefore, moisturizing skin should be a priority. Drying skin out with harsh products can make it more wrinkle-prone, dehydrated, and uncomfortable. This can also make it more susceptible to unwanted bacteria.

Developing a routine is a strategic way to battle excess acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. Here’s the best order of products for your morning skincare routine:


Wash skin with a gentle acne cleanser that removes dirt and grime but doesn’t strip skin of necessary oils. While it’s true that acne is caused by a combination of blocked pores, bacteria, and an overproduction of oil, wiping away every trace of oil is actually a bad thing. Your skin needs a certain amount of natural oils in order to stay healthy and clear.


Soak a cotton pad with toner and gently press into skin. Look for one that has antibacterial ingredients—these will diminish bacteria, clearing current breakouts and preventing new ones from forming. The acne-causing bacteria can fester due to a lack of sleep, stress, a dairy-heavy diet, or lack of a consistent skin care. Combat them with a toner designed to keep bacteria in check.


Despite the common belief that oily skin should not be moisturized, the opposite is often true. Traditional face lotions and creams are full of pore-blocking ingredients that can cause acne. Instead, use a face oil that moisturizes skin, keeps pores unblocked and lowers natural oil production.


Important for every skin type, apply a nontoxic SPF20+ sunscreen as the last step of your morning skincare routine. This will protect your skin from signs of aging, including lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dryness.

Before collapsing into bed, here are suggested skincare essentials you should consider for your nighttime routine.


Just as essential at the end of the day, use an acne cleanser to remove any residual makeup or grime from your skin.


Use a toner to distribute healthy antibacterials to soothe and strengthen acne-prone skin. This can help quell redness and balance oily skin without dehydrating it.


An acne serum is a great overnight treatment for persistent acne. Serums penetrate the skin to repair cells at a deeper level than traditional moisturizers. They treat acne while also infusing skin with necessary moisture. Better than a spot treatment which only works on the surface, acne serums clear congested skin and fight bacterial infection deep within the skin to prevent future breakouts.

Again, staying consistent with your skincare routine morning and night is the best way to beat tough or stubborn acne. Getting a good night’s sleep, hydrating throughout the day, and being mindful of certain foods that cause breakouts are all important factors of healthy and radiant skin.

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