Summer is highly anticipated for much-needed relaxation, adventurous travels, and recharging in the great outdoors. From cultivating a beautiful garden to taking a road trip to the coast, you need a self-care routine that keeps up with your summer agenda. Take a good look at your current product lineup. Do you use all of the products you own? Are you feeling indifferent about the results they give? Now could be a perfect opportunity to edit your self-care routine as summer starts.

Out: Traditional Face Wash

It’s time to upgrade from your basic face wash. Traditional face washes strip skin of necessary oils, and while tight skin might feel cleansed, it’s probably not moisturized. Over-cleansing your face during the summer can lead to dry skin that’s prone to irritation and the signs of aging.

In: Hydrating Cleanser

Say hello to clear summer skin and glorious moisture. Choose a hydrating cleanser that clears skin congestion without stripping or dehydrating skin. If you notice your skin tends to be dull yet shiny, gently exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells and promote natural radiance.

Out: Heavy Moisturizer

During warm and humid summer months, the last thing you need is clogged pores and congested skin. Heavy moisturizers can be detrimental to acne-prone skin, and clogged pores often result in cystic and painful blemishes. Sweating during summer is absolutely normal, and a regular cleansing routine helps keep bacteria at bay. However, in dry heat, even acne-prone skin may need some extra hydration too.

In: Pore Minimizing Face Mask

Introducing a face mask in your routine will make a noticeable difference to the surface and the natural oil balance of your skin. Look for ingredients like lactic acid that moisturize while gently exfoliating without chemicals or toxins, lessening the appearance of pores. Chemical peels tend to strip skin of necessary moisture and can cause severe dryness, while a pore minimizer with potent ingredients like antioxidants nourishes and protects skin. All skin types, from acne-prone to ultra-dry, can benefit from easy, spa-like rejuvenation every week.

Out: Basic Bar Soap

You don’t even want to know how much bacteria is on that bar of soap in your shower. Traditional soaps tend to leave residue behind, no matter how hard you scrub your skin or rinse it afterward. This residue can block pores, dry out skin, and introduce unnecessary toxins to your body through the skin barrier. For skin that craves clean without damaging ingredients, it might be time to upgrade.

In: Moisturizing Body Wash

Organic body wash ingredients prove that you can have nourished and hydrated skin without traditional toxins. Choose a sulfate and paraben-free body wash for clean yet balanced skin. Rinse away sweat, dirt, and grime without feeling like you’ll need to lather on lotion as soon as you get out of the shower. For sensitive types, stay away from synthetic fragrances and look for subtle, natural scents. Protect your skin from dryness and wash away grime with a creamy body wash; your skin with thank you this summer.

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