As the seasons change from summer to fall, your makeup routine should adjust, too. Summer makeup doesn’t always translate smoothly into fall. Bronzer makeup tends to be a summer glow favorite, and while it can still be used the rest of the year, it definitely needs a change as your sun-kissed skin fades.

Here’s how you can still get a subtle glow in autumn without completely removing bronzer from the equation. Your goal is to have a healthy glow so you don’t look washed out, but to apply products mindfully so your glow doesn’t look fake or overdoneeither. It’s totally possible to achieve that healthy glow with your makeup essentials, but your products need to work together to create that natural yet radiant look.

Consider Your Foundation

Just like your foundation, your bronzer should be a few shades lighter in colder seasons than it is during summer. When you switch your foundation during early-to-mid fall, check your bronzer. A smart tip is to choose a shade two to three shades darker than your current foundation or CC cream.

Your highlighter can stay the same, but your bronzer needs a double-check. Otherwise, you might look less sun-kissed and more overdone. Which no one wants. Bronzer should be a subtle addition to your overall look, so steer clear of shades that are obviously too dark for your foundation and complexion.

The Perfect Brush

The right brush is the tool you need to make your bronzer application flawless any time of the year. This is especially true when you’re going for a more subtle look. A tapered powder brush provides the perfect contour you’re going for. Avoid harsh lines by only using minimal amounts of powder on the brush. Go with a vegan cosmetics brand and choose a cruelty-free, vegan brush that mimics the texture and payoff of real animal hair.

Strategic Application

As you would with summer bronzer, swirl the brush in your compact and dust your forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, and chin. Use a light hand and build as you go. Subtlety is your friend when it comes to fall and winter bronzer. Contour your cheeks to create a healthy, defined look.

Avoid streaking or powdery finishes with a hydrating bronzer that includes ingredients like vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate. These moisturize and replenish hydration while providing you with the definition you’re after. Rich pigmentation ensures long-lasting color, but should still blend seamlessly.

Skip the Shimmer

Matte is your friend during fall and winter months. Bronzers with too much sparkle aren’t much help and can often look more fake than natural. Tone it down and go for a matte bronzer, like the Sun Chaser Blur + Sculpt Bronzing Powderä in Rhea by Thrive Causemetics. Not only does this high-performance bronzer include ingredients that hydrate skin, but italso provides a blendable and buildable application for a sun-kissed look in any season.

About Thrive Causemetics

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