Fall has finally arrived, and having the perfect shade of lipstick to pair with your cozy outfit takes any autumn ensemble from basic to brilliant. Give yourself a confidence boost by finding the right shade that goes with your complexion, along with the color palette of your autumn wardrobe. Below is a guide to choosing the perfect matte lipstick for the fall season. From fair to deep complexions, discover the shades that best complement your skin tone.


Fair Complexions

Pink-based undertones often fall under fair and ultra-light complexions. If your veins look bluer, your complexion is considered fair. Complement your skin tone with a blue-based red or raspberry pink lipstick. These work with the pink tones to create a colorful contrast. Use a lipstick that has buildable coverage so that you control the saturation of the final color.

Light Complexions

Those with light complexions have more yellow-based, or warm, undertones. This means you look “tan” during winter months in comparison to those with pink-based undertones. If your veins have more of a greenish hue, this is your complexion. More orange-based reds with golden undertones complement your skin tone by bringing out the golden nature of your complexion.

Medium Complexions

You tend to suntan easily. It’s likely that your foundation or concealer shade changes depending on the season. To complement your bronze skin tone in the summertime, brighten up your complexion with an orange-based or taupe lipstick. During the winter time, choose a bluer red or mauve shade to work with your lighter skin tone. The transition from summer to fall and fall to winter can mean that you’re using whichever you find works better that day.

Olive Complexions

Does your wardrobe consist of earthy tones and neutrals that complement your bronze undertones? You most likely have an olive complexion. You tan easily, and your veins have a greener shade. Choose a liquid lipstick with a rust colored red or mauve hue to whiten your teeth and channel cozy fall vibes.

Caramel Complexions

With yellow-based undertones, a cherry red lipstick will complement your deep bronze skin tone. If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, choose a cranberry shade that is reminiscent of wine hues. This trendy shade is perfect for your warm and yellow undertones.

Golden Dark Complexions

This complexion picks up warm tones, whether you’re playing with a true red lipstick or a plum mauve matte liquid lipstick. Depending on the color palette of your autumn wardrobe, pair a deeper shade with fall-friendly hues to complete your ensemble. Or, pick a stunning shade of blue-based red to complement a neutral-based outfit.

Deep Complexions

This skin tone can try a range of different shades when it comes to autumn lipsticks. For a bold statement, an orange-based red really pops against your deeper skin tone. A blue-toned plum or wine color is more understated while still complementing your beautifully bright smile.

Pick a lipstick that transitions well from summer through winter to get the most out of that color. Long-lasting formulas and hydrating ingredients mean you’re probably more likely to wear them, especially in cold, dry weather. Thrive Causemetics includes high-performance, vegan ingredients in their best-selling lipsticks. Browse their diverse collection of stunning lipstick shades to find your next beauty bag essential for fall.

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