When dealing with blemishes, breakouts, or cystic acne, finding a skincare routine that fits your face can take some research. Choosing to use face oil for acne and oily skin might seem counterintuitive, trying to fight the overproduction of sebum with more oil. However, some face oils contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties without the toxins or parabens that traditional acne skincare can have. Toners balance oily skin and hydrate at the same time, providing the moisture that your skin needs without clogging pores.

Brand_Gen_Clear_Oil_FB_previewCombining a face oil and toner into your daily skincare ritual creates a dual-powered fight to clear congestion, heal infection, and revive vibrancy in your skin. Start your morning routine by cleansing your face with an acne face wash with ingredients like black willow bark extract, coconut, and green tea seed oil. These antibacterial and antioxidant properties create a clean base for your toner and face oil to work.

After your cleanser, follow with an antibacterial toner that is formulated for acne-prone skin. Whether you deal with small blemishes or cystic acne, antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients like apple cider vinegar and sandalwood water disinfect existing bacteria colonies and prevent future bacteria growth. Use a cotton pad to distribute the toner evenly over your affected areas, from your face to your neck or back.

Toners remove unwanted, excess oil build-up that happens overnight. However, they don’t strip skin or dry it out, resulting in skin that doesn’t overproduce sebum or struggle with shine. This helps your face oil work better, and faster, by giving it a clear and clean base with which to start.

Next is your face oil. A face oil for oily skin works because it heals infection and clears congestion while hydrating skin at a deeper level. Traditional acne products dry out skin, which can speed up the aging process and cause skin to be irritated or more vulnerable to infection. Face oils prevent this by hydrating skin from the inside out without clogging pores or sitting on the surface. Oil attracts more oil, making it easy for face oil to balance out sebum production without causing breakouts.

Because the face oil acts as your moisturizer, this lightweight solution makes it easier for oily skin types to breathe and have unclogged pores. Face oils encourage the skin’s natural protective barrier to be stronger, reducing the risk of infection or bacterial colonies.

Toners and face oils work together to balance skin and reduce inflammation, redness, and sebum production. Experience a natural glow with healthy skin by including acne formulated toner and face oil in your skincare ritual every morning. If you deal with particularly aggressive acne, using toner and face oil in your nightly routine can further help with clearing congestion and reviving skin vibrancy.

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