No-makeup makeup and full-on glamor looks are beauty industry trends that have dominated 2018. But what about the rest of us that fall in-between? For those dedicated to their skincare routine and like staying up-to-date on the best makeup essentials, no-makeup makeup can seem too minimalist, and glamor is too time-consuming.



Enter your new hassle-free makeup favorite: vegan fake eyelashes. But aren’t fake eyelashes supposed to take tons of practice to apply correctly and only last one use? That’s frustrating AND expensive. However – vegan falsies knock other traditional fake eyelashes out of the competition. And here’s why.

Traditional fake eyelashes rely on synthetic fibers that often use cheap materials that often look shiny, plastic, and honestly not even close to natural eyelash texture. Vegan silk is lightweight, fibrous, and more flexible than traditional synthetic falsies. It also has a satin gloss finish rather than a semi-gloss finish, which is usually more plastic-looking than anything else.

Vegan silk false eyelashes also maintain curl and shape longer than one-and-done traditional sets. Some falsies, like Thrive Causemetics’ popular faux lashes, even last up to thirty wears, making them sustainable and super low-maintenance. Look for designs that include a flexible band and don’t need to grip existing eyelashes to stay put.

Unlike traditional fake eyelashes, vegan faux lashes also often use lash glue that doesn’t irritate skin or eyes. Latex-free formulas are best for sensitive skin types or those allergic to latex (obviously). Traditional eyelash glues often take up to 60 seconds or longer to set, but newer formulas only need 30 seconds before they’re good to go. If you have oily eyelids or want to wear your gorgeous faux lashes to the beach, Thrive Causemetics’ eyelash glue is waterproof for up to 24 hours. Waterproof makeup is seriously convenient during hot summer weather, sweaty workout sessions, and sunny outdoor activities.

Rocking faux eyelashes has never been so low-maintenance or user-friendly. You don’t need to be an expert in makeup anymore to apply vegan faux lashes. Try out a pair during your next night out or to boost your confidence at the beach. Thrive Causemetics’ foolproof sets are frustration-free and vegan, too. Check out their site for tips and tricks to become a faux eyelash application expert.

About Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics create vegan, 100% cruelty-free makeup that contains proven ingredients without the use of toxins or sulfates. A beauty brand and philosophy that beauty goes beyond skin deep, for every product purchased one is donated to a woman in need.

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