Thank the beauty goddesses, natural makeup looks are trending, and everyone’s skin collectively cheered. Okay, not really, but no-makeup makeup is definitely popping up in our Instagram feeds and supported by makeup artists and developers everywhere. Combined with the demand for vegan ingredients and cleaner formulas, this trend is transforming the beauty industry. And for good.

Wondering how you can achieve this seemingly basic yet brilliant trend on a daily basis? Don’t worry, here are five simple steps for a quick no-makeup makeup look that will last you all day long, and even take you from work meetings to happy hour without breaking a sweat.



Wait. This article isn’t about makeup?

Just kidding, but skincare is a super important part of the no-makeup trend. Having a clear and healthy base is essential to minimal products and a natural glow. If your skincare routine mostly involves makeup wipes and occasionally washing your face when you remember, take some time to figure out what you need in your skincare routine to clear it of stubborn acne or resolve persistent dryness.

You might be avoiding a no-makeup makeup look because you aren’t confident about your skin’s appearance. Routine skincare is the solution to this, and using natural and clean ingredients is important for your skin health. Once you have a fresh cleansed and moisturized base, it’s easier to take this natural-loving trend and run with it.


That natural glow, though! Adding a bit of color to your cheeks for a radiant glow isn’t cheating, it’s just enhancing your already present glow. Cakey and drying blush isn’t fun for anyone. Look for a blush that has ingredients like vitamin B5, sodium hyaluronate, and other super hydrating ingredients that moisturize your skin while looking amazing.

Tubing Mascara

A natural-looking mascara is one of the key ingredients to a no-makeup look. Tubing mascara has the best of traditional mascaras and fake eyelashes combined, building fibers with application to create a lengthening and volumizing look for each lash. The best tubing mascaras have vegan ingredients like Vitamin B5 and korean plant extracts, and is also a mascara for sensitive eyes.

Take after makeup minimalists and only apply a subtle amount of mascara. Enough that you feel more confident about your lashes, but not too much that you look like you’re ready to walk the red carpet. No-makeup makeup is all about simplicity, a more natural appearance, and a more confident you.

Lip Shine Moisturizer

Just because we’re going for a more natural look doesn’t mean your lips need to stay dry and cracked. Kiss dull and dehydrated lips good-bye with a vegan formulated lip gloss. Don’t forget about the ingredients list – look for grapeseed oil, coconut, and other collagen boosting and hydrating elements.

If you’re a fan of the no-makeup makeup trend but feel like your lips could use a touch of color, use a lip tint that moisturizes and has lush pigmentation. This trend is all about embracing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence. So, if you need a little extra lip color, go for it!

Brow Pencil

Last but not least, filling your brows for the not-so bushy brows blessed amongst us is a great way to simply yet boldly create definition on your face. Now, if you’re a little wary of a bolder look, that’s okay. Simply fill in your brows as you feel is needed, whether that means lengthening them or filling in sparser areas.

Make sure to get a waterproof eyebrow liner that will last all day. Pencils that fade or smudge are super annoying, and who wants to touch up their eyebrows at 3PM?

And there you have it! Your super easy and speedy no-makeup makeup routine. What’s great about the no-makeup trend is that it’s based on the concept of the beauty of healthy skin and your unique features that make you, you. It can be kind of empowering to strip your makeup routine down to the basics.

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