A trend determined to stay, liquid lipstick appeared in the makeup industry overnight in 2016 and dethroned traditional lipstick (for the time being). It is included in several new makeup collections, from classic colors to vibrant, trendy shades. Intimidated by the seemingly detailed application? Worried about smudging and flaking? And how easy is it to take off? Here is the complete guide to liquid lipstick application and answers to popular questions from makeup experts.

How do I know which shade is right for my coloring and complexion?

Liquid lipstick often looks more pigmented in the bottle than when it dries on your lips. Trying it on is one of the best ways to determine if the color fits your unique complexion.

If you have pink, red, or bluish undertones to your skin, you have a cool complexion. Lip colors with blue or purple bases look best with this color palette. Orange tones are definitely not your friend. Avoid lighter shades, as they can easily wash you out.

Conversely, if you have yellow, golden, or olive undertones, you have a warm complexion. Warmer shades should be your makeup style go-to, so pick out that fiery red lipstick you have been eyeing for a night out look.

What is the easiest way to apply the liquid formula?

A major concern for liquid lipstick newbies is the application. But remember the first time you tried liquid eyeliner? It takes a bit of practice before getting the application down. No one will get it perfectly the first time.

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying a matte liquid lipstick. Start with defining the cupid’s bow on your upper lip, then outline your top and bottom lips with the tip of the wand. Next, fill in the rest of your lips with the lightweight and moisturizing formula. Look for ingredients that hydrate and do not dry out your lips. This avoids feathering and cracking later on in the day.

How long does liquid lipstick last?

It depends on the brand. If the packaging or online description does not mention a definite timeline for lip wear, scratch it off your list of potentials and move on. All day coverage is obviously your best bet. Liquid lipsticks that have setting times often last longer and tint lips, so that if the formula fades, the saturated, pigmented color does not.

Does liquid lipstick smudge like traditional lipstick?

Nope! This is one of the major benefits of liquid lipstick over traditional lipstick. Once a high-performance formula sets, it will not peel, flake, or feather for the rest of the day. Make sure to follow instructions for the setting time. Otherwise, you might accidentally smudge your lip color masterpiece before it dries and have to start all over again.

How do I take it off?

Using a makeup wipe will most likely not remove liquid lipstick completely. Choose an oil-based makeup remover to take off liquid lipstick at the end of the day. It will probably have set within any lines or crevices in your lips, so take the time to remove it completely, just like your eye makeup.

Take a break from traditional lipsticks and try introducing liquid lipsticks into your makeup routine. Thrive Causemetics has a cultivated collection of vegan liquid lipsticks with weightless, full-coverage that provide long-lasting and hydrating color. Use these tips to find your perfect shade and apply liquid lipstick effortlessly.

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