It’s officially summer in 2018, and it’s time to celebrate. Time for road tripping to the beach, drinks on the patio, and visiting your local farmers market every Saturday. After waiting all year for warm weather and never-ending sunshine, it can be frustrating to deal with melting makeup and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

Here are a few common hot weather makeup problems and brilliant solutions, keeping you comfortable and chic for those Instagram-worthy moments this summer.

Problem: Smudging Eyeliner

Raccoon eyes, anyone? Eyeliner is a staple of everyday makeup for most people. Regular eyeliner tends to smudge when skin is oily or weather is hot, making it annoying to reapply throughout the day. For sensitive skin types, this is especially irritating for those who deal with chronically dry skin or acne-prone skin.

Solution: Waterproof Eyeliner

While this might seem like a relatively obvious solution, it’s important to consider makeup formulas before choosing a waterproof eyeliner. Look for eyeliners that have vegan formulas and toxin-free ingredients. The best waterproof makeup is also sweat proof makeup, which is the biggest issue with smudging eyeliner during the summer.

Problem: Smearing Mascara

Whether you’re going to the beach or meeting friends for a park yoga session, you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing mascara because of smearing, flaking, or smudging.

Solution: Fiber Formula Mascara

Tubing mascara may be a new trend, but let’s hope it’s here to stay. Fiber formulated mascara doesn’t clump, flake, or smear, making it your go-to favorite for hot summer months. Buildable fibers make it easy to increase length and volume naturally. Perfect for no-makeup makeup looks, choose a mascara that stays strong through ocean waves, sweat, and humidity.

Problem: Melting Eyebrows

If you’ve ever checked your eyebrows half-way through the day and realized they’ve melted down the edges of your face? Or maybe you used a waterproof eyebrow pencil that refused to come off with water, makeup remover, or anything else. While applying eyebrow color with vegan makeup brushes is great, mimicking hair texture is more difficult with brushes than with pencils.

Solution: Semi-Permanent Pigmented Eyebrow Liner

Say hello to your new brow bestie. Fill your brows with an eyebrow liner that uses semi-permanent pigmentation instead of relying only on a waterproof formula. This way, you’ll get that healthy and full brow look without the annoying scrubbing or melting later on. Cream-to-powder formulas ensure that they go on like a wax, but stay on all day long.

Problem: Sticky Lipgloss

For low maintenance ladies, lipstick or matte liquid lipstick can be a bit of a hassle. But sometimes you want a step up from your everyday lip hydration, without the annoying stickiness or syrupy consistency of lip gloss.

Solution: Creamy Lip Liner

Thank the makeup goddesses; your dry lips are saved. Choose a lip liner with a creamy formula that doesn’t feather or fade throughout the day for luxe color and natural hydration. Need a little bit of shine on top? Apply a dot of Thrive Causemetics’ Lip Mate on top for 24-hours of moisture without a sticky residue.

About Thrive Causemetics

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