While it might seem outdated, perfumed body powder is starting to become popular with beauty gurus again. Previously used by older generations, perfumed body powder is a wonderfully resourceful personal care product for soft and silky skin. Before deciding if it is for you, here are the top reasons to introduce body powder into your hygienic routine.

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Blocks Moisture

Powder absorbs moisture and blocks it from gathering on the surface of the skin. For those who live in humid climates, body powder keeps your skin dry without dehydrating it. Athletes and outdoor fanatics love body powder for its ability to deter sweat without suffocating skin. For soft but dry skin, sparsely apply body powder after moisturizing with a lotion or salve. The powder locks in the moisture from the lotion while absorbing sweat and humidity.

For those with quick morning routines, applying body powder after a shower can help your skin dry faster so you can get dressed and out the door sooner.

Subtle Scent

Perfumed body powder gives a signature scent without overwhelming the senses, unlike traditional perfumes and antiperspirants. Luxuriously yet subtly concentrated, many modern body powders leave vintage scents behind for more contemporary and sweet-smelling aromas.

Dry Shampoo

While aerosol dry shampoo is a popular choice, body powder is also great for oily or flat hair. The powder absorbs excess oils and subtly perfumes it, a handy benefit for second or third-day hair. Simply dust the powder near hair roots and massage with fingers, mimicking shampooing in the shower. Continue rubbing the scalp until the powder color has disappeared. Remember to brush through hair to disperse any concentrated powder areas.


For athletes and those who live in humid climates, body powder can help with chafing and uncomfortable rubbing during warmer months. Useful for runners, lifters, and high-performance athletes, powder provides instant and long-lasting relief in sensitive areas. Useful for men and women alike, body powder can protect from chafing and rashes from repeated movements.

Non-Bodily Uses

Many body powder users recommend adding it to various aspects of daily activities, as it absorbs moisture and controls bacteria anywhere. Gym bags and shoes are popular locations, along with bed sheets and car seats. Perfumed body powder keeps moisture at bay while subtly and deliciously scenting otherwise odorous areas.

Note: Do not use body powder for dusting carpets or deodorizing. The powder particles build up electricity and have the ability to shock when vacuuming,

Modern body powder is a wonderful hygienic tool to block unwanted moisture and battle bacteria growth. Useful for anti-chafing, second-day hair, or post-shower drying, body powder packs a punch while releasing subtle scents. Camille Beckman perfumed body powders made with potato starch and oat protein that moisturize and protect skin. With a variety of sweet and enticing scents, their diverse collection keeps skin silky and smelling wonderful. Introduce perfumed body powder into your routine to stay dry and smooth all day long.

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