For some, a good workout is as much a part of a daily routine as morning coffee or the evening news. For others, the gym isn’t quite as routine, but you do what you can.


Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your workouts, an exercise routine should leave you with that perfect feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction, and of course a little sweaty. Toned muscles and a healthy disposition are great byproducts of physical exercise, but sweat-clogged pores definitely are not.

Follow this workout-specific skin care routine to ramp up your fitness while avoiding unwanted breakouts.

Step One: Remove Your Makeup

It may seem like an old wives’ tale but sweating with a full face of makeup is a great way to introduce bacteria, dirt, and oil into your pores. The real damage comes not from the actual workout, but from mixing makeup with sweat, bacteria, dirt, and letting it sit on your face afterwards.

Although it might be a hassle to remove and then reapply makeup, your skin will thank you. Before heading out on a run or getting set up for a spin class, take a few minutes to cleanse your skin with a makeup-removing towelette or hydrating cleanser. Look for products infused with aloe vera, green tea seed oil, and jojoba seed oil to remove makeup gently and naturally.

Step Two: Add a Drop of Moisture

Give yourself a little boost before hitting the gym with a few drops of face oil. Instead of trapping sweat in your skin’s pores, a hydrating face oil will act as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, keeping skin nourished while eliminating toxins.

Look for products formulated with renewing and nourishing ingredients such as neroli flower oil, jasmine flower extract, red pine needle oil, jojoba seed oil, green tea seed oil, and non-GMO vitamin E for that extra bit of glow.

Step Three: Hit the Showers

Nothing feels better on tired muscles (and sweaty skin) than a warm shower. Even if it’s a quick five-minute spritz before heading back to work, it’s crucial to wash off that hard-earned sweat.

Add a hydrating cleanser with antimicrobial, infection-fighting ingredients to keep skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing for the rest of your workday.

Step Four: Moisturize, Again

Moisture is so important when it comes to fighting off bacteria and keeping skin healthy. When you step out of the shower, add a few drops of your favorite face oil to replenish your skin’s moisture and natural oils.

If you’re prone to breakouts, consider using face oil for acne after your workout. Look for products specifically formulated to regulate sebum production, which leads to excess oil and breakouts. Other key properties include antibacterial ingredients to heal infections and antioxidants to revive and replenish skin.

If you prefer to do your workouts in the evening, call it a night by applying a face serum over your face oil. An overnight treatment will help strengthen your skin’s natural barriers while preventing further damage from environmental toxins. Just a couple drops will trap moisture and boost nutrients, leaving skin soft, smooth and ready to go when your morning alarm goes off.

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