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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Many of us are familiar with the faith-based narrative behind Christmas. However, fewer of us know the origin of the Christmas gift, and specifically why we exchange gifts on or around December 25th each year. According to The Atlantic, some historians link the act of gifting back

Gifts for the Inspirational Women in Your Life

Every year on March 8, we get the chance to honor the inspirational women in our lives. International Women’s Day is about recognizing women who have lived life with purpose, empathy, and vision, and work to effect change in the world around them. International Women’s Day started

Why People Collect and Display Mementos

Humans have been collecting things for centuries. During the 1700s and 1800s, aristocrats collected world artifacts, including shells, zoological specimens, and works of art and literature, according to The National Psychologist. Wealthy collectors would then display their pieces—often as a way to also showcase wealth—giving rise to

Three Great Ways to Express Gratitude

We all have people in our lives who inspire us—a parent or sibling, a teacher or coach, a mentor or supervisor. Whatever their role, they’ve uniquely contributed to your life in some profound way, and you might be considering appropriate ways to express your gratitude. Words are