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Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Autumn with 5 Skincare Products

At the end of summer, your skin is ready for cooler temperatures and less sun exposure. Your summer beauty and skincare routine should be filled with lightweight moisturizers, mineral sunscreen, and acne-fighting face oils, depending on your unique needs. Temperatures are lowering, and air conditioners aren’t blasting

Turn Your Shower Routine Green with Vegan Shower Staples

As beauty brands become more transparent about their product ingredients and formulas, it’s easier to find skincare for every lifestyle and skin issue. If you’re thinking about transitioning your skin care routine to vegan-happy products, it might take a little more research than anticipated. Finding body washes,

What Is Farm-to-Face Skincare, and Do I Actually Need It?

When it comes to skincare, the beauty industry has been inconsistent about best practices and changing trends related to buzzwords like “natural” and “organic.” The term Farm-to-Face started appearing in the clean skincare industry, and it’s becoming more popular recently. While the term might seem rather self-explanatory,

Why Is Sleeping in Your Makeup So Bad?

After a long day of presentations or catching a flight home, sleeping in your makeup can be a thoughtless, exhausted choice to get to your bed faster. While you’ve probably heard that sleeping in your makeup is a bad idea, you probably don’t know why or what