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A Refresher on Vaping Etiquette for Beginner and Seasoned Vapers Alike

Vaping can be a controversial subject for some people. While some think that it’s the greatest thing on the planet—and others credit it for saving them from smoking—other people think it’s a nuisance. There are clear-cut rules about smoking in public, but vaping can be a gray
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Sub-Ohm Vaping: Is it Worth Switching Over?

In the past few years, sub-ohm vaping has gone from a niche hobby for techy-vapers who liked tinkering with mods, to a mainstream phenomenon that countless vapers swear by. Whether or not it’s for you, as is so often the case, varies from person-to-person. The best way

Vaping to Quit Smoking: How to Make It Work

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re aware that there’s a debate raging over whether or not e-cigarettes (vaping) can help people quit smoking. Studies can be found to support either side and there’s no shortage of (often passionate) opinions on the issue from the pro- and

Best Offbeat Vape Juice Flavors for Beginners

The huge variety of vape juice flavors is one of the biggest draws of vaping. For vape newbies, however, that same wealth of options can be a bit overwhelming. The goal here is to avert that initial choice paralysis with a selection of slightly offbeat flavors—the ones
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