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The Importance of Ergonomically Designed Hand Trucks and Other Material Handling Equipment

In January 2017, Liberty Mutual published its Workplace Safety Index, which assessed the top 10 causes of the most debilitating workplace injuries in the US. The leading cause was “overexertion involving outside sources,” which included injuries involving pushing, pulling, lifting and holding objects. This accounted for 23%
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A Few Milestones in the History of the Material Handling Industry

Nowadays, people might take products like the lift hand truck, the stair climbing dolly and the forklift for granted. They may use them frequently throughout the workday, but they probably do not stop to think about all the time and innovations that led up to their creation.

Move Material Easier with Stair Climbing Dollies and Hand Trucks

People may not think much about hand trucks until they need to move something heavy or unwieldy. When that time comes, the value of these devices and similar pieces of equipment becomes clear. Warehouses, delivery companies and others can now find a variety of durable, long-lasting hand