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eWireless Home Security vs. Wired Home Security: Which is Better for Your Family?

There is an old cliché about parents not understanding or being interested in the latest technology. That might be the case with certain products—Snapchat, say—but not with smart home technology like wireless home security. Back in 2016, conducted a study of a little over 1,000 US

The Possible Future of Wireless Home Security Systems and Other Smart Home Technology

Only a few years ago, wireless home security and other smart home solutions might have sounded like the stuff of science fiction. However, they are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Here are a few predictions that technology experts have made regarding the future of

Get Reliable Protection with the Best Wireless Home Security System

For almost every American, home security is a serious matter. As the old saying goes, a person’s home is their castle. With technological advancements like the latest wireless home security systems, people have the power to protect their “castles” better than ever before. When most people think

8 Benefits of Using a Wireless Home Security System

Quite a few homeowners do not get serious about security until something bad happens. Someone breaks in, something gets stolen, a fire starts—incidents like these make all too clear that people and their homes need protection. Wireless home security systems help ensure the safety of customers’ homes,