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The Importance of Alfalfa in Farming Operations

Famously known as “The Forage Queen,” alfalfa is one of the most important forage crops in the world. The United States produces more alfalfa than any other country in the world and the top states in terms of overall production are California, Idaho and Montana. In addition
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The Importance of Alfalfa as a Crop and Animal Feed

Alfalfa is among the most important forage crops in the world. Also known as “The Forage Queen,” it is one the top five crops grown in the United States (the others are corn, soybean, wheat and cotton). What makes it so special? Read below to find out.

Organic Farming Can Offset the Environmental Effects of Conventional Methods alfalfa, seed grazing, seed grazing alfalfa seed

The farming industry is currently at a crossroads. Farmers across the globe are weighing the pros and cons of continuing with conventional farming methods—including genetically-engineered crops, chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and a general disregard for environmental effects—and those of transitioning to organic systems. Some believe that,

Reasons Planting Cover Crops is Considered the Best Farming Practice

The adoption of farming practices which utilize organic and sustainable methods is no longer seen as a choice—it has become a necessity in many parts of the world. While it is an undeniable fact that chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides usher dramatically increased yields, they also degrade the