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Tips for Storing Your Guns and Ammunition in the Winter

The best practices for storing guns and ammunition in the winter are similar to those for storing them at any other time. The only difference is mitigating the conditions of winters in areas where the extreme cold or excessive dampness can damage and even ruin guns and
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An Objective Look at the .223 Remington

It seems there is some innate feature of the human condition that drives a portion of the population into a virulent backlash against anything that becomes really popular. And it appears that’s been the fate of the .223 Remington. Not that the backlash is absolutely baffling, with

How to Stay Safe, Keep Warm, and Hunt Well in the Winter

Some of the best hunting happens to become available in the colder temperatures now upon us. So dust off those long johns, find some .300 AAC Blackout for sale (a favorite for winter whitetail), and start planning a safe, warm, and successful winter hunt. Preparing for Winter

In Defense of Small Calibers as Every Day Carries

Shortly after it was written, a 2014 executive summary by the FBI justifying their selection of the 9mm Luger as the agency-wide caliber of choice, over the .40 S&W and .45 ACP, was leaked to the public. Depending on who you ask, this either confirmed what everyone