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The Best Caliber for Hunting Medium Varmints with an AR-15 Platform

It’s a rare hunter that doesn’t feel the itch to get out there between the big game seasons. The solution to this dilemma for thousands of hunters is varmint hunting. As fun and absorbing as varmint hunting can be, it can also serve an environmentally and ecologically
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Small Varmint Hunting and the Ammo You Need for It

Varmint hunting is not only a fun diversion between big game seasons for hunters, it can also prove as a satisfying, environmentally-friendly culling of destructive, invasive, and in some cases even dangerous species. As is the case with any kind of hunting though, you need the right

Increasing the Punch of AR-15 Platform for Home Defense

No doubt there are those who would disagree, but there is no perfect home defense weapon platform. Pistols, shotguns, and rifles all have their pros and cons, which can be (and will be) argued forever without resolution. Even the concept that one of the three can be

Three of the Best Antique and Vintage Colt Legends for Everyday Carry

The primary reason to carry a sidearm is protection. Guns are tools, and the chief purpose of a tool is to serve its intended objective. That being said, there’s no reason why those tools can’t have some distinction, history, aesthetic value, class, and yes, style. There’s a