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12 Facts About the 9mm Handgun

The 9mm is regaining popularity as the handgun to carry. It offers power, portability, and a high mag capacity. It is easy to carry and conceal, and due to the softer recoil it possesses, it makes a great beginner gun. It is also an affordable option for
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Tips for Purchasing a Used Firearm

The great thing about guns, is they are engineered to withstand generations. Their lasting quality means that buying a used gun can be a solid deal, leaving you extra money to stock up on bulk 223 ammo. Before increasing your firepower by buying used, you’ll want to

The Importance of Ear Protection While Shooting

A key component of responsible gun ownership is safety; Peripherally, this includes protecting yourself while shooting with ear protection. Protecting your ears while shooting is seriously important, as the ear is a powerhouse of the human body. Not only does it control your ability to hear, the

Save Your Money for Ammo with These Plinking Target Ideas

An enjoyable outing for the whole family, plinking allows you to hone your aim and form in a relaxed environment.  Informal target shooting with whatever you have lying around, plinking is a great way to get out into nature and have a blast. By plinking with things