Ground support equipment like aircraft tow tractor are a vital part of airport operations. GSE enable ground crews to move aircraft, transport and load cargo and perform several other critical tasks.

11GSE has two main categories: Non-powered and powered. Non-powered equipment includes:

• Chocks: Prevent parked aircraft from moving.
• Baggage Carts: Carry luggage and cargo to and from aircraft and airports.
• Cargo Dollies or Trailers: Allow ground crew to move thousands of pounds of cargo.

Non-powered GSE also includes products like ladders and spill containment carts.

Powered GSE includes:

• Refuelers: Fuel carts or fuel trucks.
• Ground Power Equipment: Vehicles which supply power to parked aircraft (also known as airplane ground power unit or airplane GPU).
• Airplane Tractor and Plane Tug: Used for transporting equipment and cargo, plowing snow and other important tasks.
• Water Service Trucks: Units which refill an aircraft’s water supply.

Other examples of powered GSE are conveyor belts, moveable passenger stairs, air compressors and portable floodlights.

Without products like the ones listed above, it would be impossible for ground crews to get work done. When the ground crew cannot function properly, it can have a severe impact on an airport’s overall efficiency and productivity. For these reasons, it is critical for airports and their staff to acquire top-quality GSE.

Not only does airport personnel need to have the best ground service equipment, they need to use it responsibly. It is all too easy to get injured when operating a tug tractor and other aircraft towing equipment. If ground crew members are not careful, they could lose their ability to work or worse.

The risk to airport staff is not the only factor to consider. GSE represents a substantial financial investment. Items like an aircraft ground power unit can cost quite a bit of money. If they are not used appropriately, they could break down and need replacing. This would drive up operating expenses and hinder might productivity in the airport.

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