Ground support management is a set of complex procedures which take place at every airport in the world on a continual basis. The process requires a fleet of operators to adhere to precise handling rules so machinery works as intended, all parties involved are protected and safety guidelines are followed. If each component of ground support equipment (GSE) is not handled appropriately, it can quickly affect every segment of an airport—from baggage loading and boarding to deicing and onboard food and drink services. Essentially, each task which is carried out at an aviation center between the time of landing and take-off can occur only because of—and with—GSE.

GSE alone can define the success of an entire aviation establishment, whether it be an airport, military air base, FBO, MRO or other. The complete GSE process must fit firmly within the setup and industry constraints, and at the same time, operated at a minimum life-cycle cost. Within these parameters, profits and savings must a realistic goal. For these reasons, GSE must be operated with maximum efficiency and this is referred to as “GSE management.”

Optimal GSE management takes into account all working concerns simultaneously. For example, an organization’s budget requires GSE management to be cost-effective at any and all times, whereas reliability score targets require GSE to be maintained and operational at all times. A comprehensive GSE management solution, therefore, is essential.

Any acquisition of new or used GSE requires a significant financial investment. For organizations which cannot afford the initial outlay of funds, leasing opportunities are offered by top suppliers and can be a great way to secure the equipment needed for continued smooth operations. Leasing GSE also provides additional advantages including improved maintenance procedures, reduced equipment downtimes, access to technical assistance and lower long-term repair costs.

AERO Specialties is one of the aviation industry’s largest and most respected suppliers of GSE. It offers a wide variety of new, used and refurbished GSE—from airplane pushback and tow tractors and baggage tractors to aircraft tug and stair trucks—to clients of all sizes and in all parts of the world. AERO Specialties understands that the finest GSE is not cheap and extends lease options and personalized financing proposals, as needed. With more than 30 years of direct aviation experience and a current portfolio of over 21,000 active customers—including Boeing, Airbus Military, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer—AERO Specialties is proud of its stellar reputation and its role in ensuring the world’s airports and airlines continue to operate efficiently and safely.

About AERO Specialties:

AERO Specialties is an industry-leading supplier of the finest industrial-grade GSE available anywhere in the world. Whether buying or renting GSE as large as an aircraft tow tractor or as small as decals or manuals and in South Carolina or South Korea, look no further than AERO Specialties.

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