Protect the investment of your ground support equipment with inspections that are vital to the productivity and safety of your employees. Inspections and routine maintenance will aid in extending the life of your equipment. It will also aid in reducing the time lost to unscheduled maintenance and wait times. Don’t wait until you need a plane out of its hangar to discover a problem with your aircraft pushback. Below are some inspection tips to help you keep your equipment running smoothly.

Aircraft Towbar

When utilizing a towbar, you should routinely verify that no bolts or pins are missing and that they are securely attached to the towbar. Ensure that the towbar is straight and the head is securely attached. Inspect the shear pin bushings and the shear pin to ensure neither is cracked or broken; these components take the brunt of the load when the aircraft is being pushed or towed. You should also remove the pins and inspect for any crookedness, cracks, or dents. Record any irregularities or notes in your preventative maintenance log.

Aircraft Ground Power

You should inspect your aircraft ground power unit prior to use every time. Visually inspect the outside for loose hardware, parts that have loosened, wires or cables with frayed components, you should also inspect brakes, tires, and tow bar latch before use. In addition, you should complete an in-depth inspection regularly which includes:

· Wiring, connections, and sensors checked for bare spots or tightness

· Inspect all clamps on intake hoses and exhaust piping for tightness

· Check engine for leaks, and review that engine mounts are tight

· Examine coolant levels and ensure that the radiator cap is in good condition

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